Southern Man

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pool Party

After another day of work out at The Land yesterday Southern Man swung by his folk's house and acquired eleven-year-old daughter for the weekend. And today a local fitness club is opening their outdoor pool with a "free swim" so we did some birthday shopping (she will soon be twelve-year-old daughter) for swimwear and goggles and such and picked up one of her playmates and went there.

Turns out by "free swim" they meant "pool party" with burgers and dogs on the grill and tubs full of cold drinks and a DJ and prize drawings every hour, so we ate and drank and swam (well, they swam; Southern Man did a few laps but mostly ate and drank and watched the two mermaids frolic in the water and napped in the sun) and playmate won a handful of tickets to the local minor-league baseball team's next game and Southern Man got terribly sunburned.

Good times.


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