Southern Man

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Domestic Tranquility

Southern Man just loves it when both daughters are here and chattering and fussing and happy and generally acting like sisters. We went to the beauty salon where eleven-year-old spent two months of saved allowance on highlights and a layer cut, then to Wal-Mart and laid down a couple of Benjamins for a mountain of food and then we got pizza on the way home and now we're home eating said pizza and drinking beer (well, Southern Man is drinking beer; the girls drink overpriced bottled water) and playing Guitar Hero V (in which teen daughter has invented the "power truffle") and generally acting like an actual family. Which is a rarity, considering the last several years. Southern Man plans to enjoy it.

*The Power Truffle bears some explanation. After a particularly awesome run she cries out "Power Truffle!" and we feed her a truffle.


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