Southern Man

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Picnic

Southern Man is a part of the small but growing singles ministry at his church and the Memorial Day picnic is one of our short list of "big" events. As one of the gofers Southern Man (assisted by eleven-year-old daughter) headed for the church in the big Titan to fill ice chests and water balloons and load up, then convoyed to the picnic site, unloaded, and got the tables set and the grills fired up and waited on the revelers to arrive.

There was lots to do. Southern Man and daughter took a small group out geocaching in the park and were three for three (with daughter scoring twice). And there were silly activities (such as water balloon volleyball) and silly games and such. It was great fun.

Eleven-year-old daughter leads the girls tug 'o war team to victory.

A silly pose. She won the silly glasses in a puzzle-matching game.

Water balloon volleyball was followed by water balloon war.


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