Southern Man

Friday, October 08, 2010

A Piano Tale

On Monday this week a Steinway grand piano appeared in the rotunda of Southern Man's building. Upon investigation it appeared that a student pianist was scheduled to appear from eleven to twelve every day and play for whoever happened to be walking through the building, so Southern Man made it a point to wander that way every morning and enjoy the music and chat a bit with her. And as Southern Man is unable to walk past a piano without playing something he took many a brief turn on the ivories himself over the next several days. Apparently others feel the same way and Southern Man enjoyed many an impromptu concert as students passing by succumbed to that same temptation to sit down and play for a bit.

Well this afternoon Southern Man walked by said piano to see:

Well, this is a liberal arts university so we must be wary of unauthorized persons who might dare play our pianos; someone might actually enjoy themselves or learn a bit about music outside of the classroom or something.


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