Southern Man

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yet Another Political Quiz

In between the rigors of grading and teaching and such today Southern Man took yet another political quiz, just for the fun of it...

Left-Leaning Freedom Lover on political map

...and decded to post the results because, for the first time, one of these things puts him left of center - no doubt due to his evolving views on sex, the war on drugs, and his increasing rejection of the Republican's stand on social values in favor of individual rights and individual responsibility. But this one puts him in his usual right/libertarian slot:

Of the various examples they cite Southern Man maps into very nearly the same square as Milton Friedman, which isn't so bad considering the other names on the list (Hitler, Stalin, and so on).

So what kind of political creature is Southern Man, Well, he finds kindred spirits within the local Tea Party and finds the "Libertarian Republican" site of interest as well. He almost always votes Republican but wishes they would replace their "family values" planks with "individual freedom."


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