Southern Man

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Like many, Southern Man gets paid on the first and is celebrating the end of a fairly lean month. Well, "lean" by Southern Man's standards - living in this land of plenty he's never known a day of want in his life and merely had to dig deeper into the dry goods and do without a few luxuries for a few weeks. Next month will be "lean" as well simply because he's putting money into his emergency account to get that back up to the proper level and putting a few bucks back for a new cell phone as his three-year-old Wing is slowly dying one function at a time. He'll try to squeeze another month out of it so he can check out the upcoming HTC G2; it'll probably either be that or a switch to Sprint for the HTC Evo. And that is pretty much the extent of his problems; everyone should be so lucky. Lord, continually remind me of the many blessings of my life, and that the most precious of these are family and friends. Amen.

[added later:] And of course upon hearing this the Hyundai immediately coughed up a $240 fault so it'll be two months on that new phone...sigh...but, again, a minor bump in an enormously blessed life.


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