Southern Man

Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Relaxing Weekend

Well, relaxing might be the wrong word, but certainly enjoyable. It's Southern Man's weekend with eleven-year-old daughter, so he ducked out of work early on Friday to deal with the aforementioned automotive problem, then headed north to rendevoux with his ex and pick up his daughter, then we headed back home (with her happily chatting the entire while) where we found teen daughter at home (a rare sighting) so the two sisters had some time together. To her surprise and delight Southern Man had secretly arranged a play date with one of her best friends on Saturday; we ended up at the local amusement park and rode rides and ate overpriced amusement park food and generally had a great time. That put us home late and very tired so we slept in Sunday morning and just relaxed until time to head back up to return her to her mother. Enjoyable, and altogether too brief.


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