Southern Man

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wii Olympics

Southern Man's father is one of those men who can do pretty much anything, from build a house to rebuild an engine to access the value of a collection of rare books to cheat at Rook without being caught (he would eat the color of M&M that he wanted Mother to lead). There is no room in this man's life for trifles such as video games; indeed, Southern Man and his siblings endured endless ribbing when caught wasting our time with such.

Then Southern Father and Mother got a Wii for Christmas last year. And they are completely, totally, hopelessly addicted.

The game at the ancestral manor is Wii Sports - particularly bowling, tennis, and golf. Southern Father can make that bowling ball do pretty much anything he wants; Southern Mother is invincible at tennis (much as she was in her younger days on the long-retired courts by the house). So given the competitive streak that runs through much of the clan it was inevitable that someone in the family (as it turned out, Southern Man's sister and her SO) would organize a Wii tournament. And they did so, with great success. There was even an opening ceremony, and gift bags for the competitors, and formal written rules (that were quickly amended if not shattered), and gameplay in two different rooms. Not to mention a magnificent dinner beforehand. So we had a grand time tonight eating and chatting and duking it out with all our might for the honor of Wii Champion.

Much to his delight, Southern Man's teen daughter took third. Southern Man's Mother took second to (there's no easy way to say this) the husband of Southern Man's first cousin once removed, who in an exhibition of Wii prowess seldom before seen edged out Southern Man's Father at bowling and Southern Man's Mother at tennis. They're both already calling for a rematch. Southern Man himself was delighted to finish no worse than the middle of the pack and promises to improve for the next games (there's that competitive streak again). So for good clean family fun Southern Man recommends that you have your own Wii Olympics.


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