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Monday, July 06, 2009

Movie Review - Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

About the last thing that Southern Man and Wife did at the Orlando Science Center before heading to MCO was watch the new IMAX film Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk, narrated by Robert Redford and featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Southern Man is a sucker for this kind of film; he spent a few years of his early childhood in and around Tucson (both in town and in a little government house high up on Mt. Lemmon, a place for which he still holds vivid memories) not far from the Grand Canyon, and the very first movies he remembers his father taking him to were a Disney double feature of The Living Desert and The Vanishing Prairie. As one would expect of a film cast on an eight-story-tall screen and a wall of speakers, the picture and sound were...overpowering at times. The film is ostensibly about overuse of the Colorado River, but also offers bits of history, geology, biology, and ecology and lots and lots and lots of glorious cinematography of this beautiful canyon and the white-water-rafting fools that travel through it. So there's not much of a plot, and the "river at risk" narration is frequently belied by the sheer beauty of the river and canyon, but well worth the forty minutes if only to experience vicariously what few of us will ever actually do in reality.


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