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Friday, July 03, 2009

Summer Vacation Day 6 - The Princess Arrives

With the honeymoon phase of our vacation winding down, Southern Man and Wife spent a relaxed morning and then wandered down to the Orlando International Airport to pick up Southern Man's Youngest Daughter and mother. They reported an uneventful trip but Youngest Daughter was just about beside herself with excitement. Southern Man's mother is not particularly adventurous when it comes to dining out and she chose a personal favorite chain (Red Lobster) for dinner; the meals (and dessert) were delicious. We then retired to the resort, where Youngest Daughter took one look at the pools (a large heated indoor pool, full of kids her age, with waterfall and adjoining hot tub, and an Olympic-sized outdoor pool also full of kids her age and with a sand beach on one side for her and a cabana bar on the other side for Southern Man) and could hardly wait to get into the water. So, Southern Man and Youngest Daughter spent the rest of the evening swimming and hot-tubbing and playing on the sand beach and just generally having a great time. Tomorrow is our first day at Disney!


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