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Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer Vacation Day 9 - Science Museum

The end of our fabulous vacation is finally nigh...after a morning spent packing and loading the car we went to Youngest Daughter's favorite eatery for a leisurly breakfast and to the gift shop next door where Southern Man had already found t-shirts for his two teens. We spent some time shopping, then headed north to the Orlando Science Center to while away a few hours before the flight. Southern Man and Wife toured a fabulous dinosaur exhibition and then went to an IMAX film (reviewed in the next post) while Youngest Daughter and her grandmother watched the alligator feedings and explored the center. Then Southern Man got fretful (his father had taught him to be to the airport extra early long before 9/11 made it even more necessary) and we then headed towards Orlando International Airport, turned in the rental car, checked the bags, and made our way through security with nearly an hour to spare.

The trip home was uneventful; a long movie flight to Dallas (Youngest Daughter and Wife bought $2 headsets to watch and listen to Monsters vs. Aliens; Southern Man remained headset-less and just sort of watched so no review), an easy gate change and brief layover there, and then the short hop to home. Southern Man's father was there (for mother) as well as his ex and (surprise!) both teens for Youngest Daughter. A few gifts were distributed (the t-shirts from Orlando for the teens; seashells for mother) and everyone headed home.

The dogs were really, really, really glad to see us!


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