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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Summer Vacation Day 4 - Highway A1A

After a lengthy session of "hurry up and wait" while Homeland Security cleared the ship and passengers for re-entry into the USA, we disembarked and gathered our luggage and found our rental car and decided to take our time going back to Orlando. We were hardly out of the parking lot before Southern Wife spotted a beautiful fountain and hopped out of the car to take photos. We then meandered up Florida State Highway A1A, which pretty much hugs the coastline, and decided to just stop whenever the spirit moved us to do so.

Our first stop was at Jupiter Lighthouse, which had a nice gift shop and museum. We spent a good hour there just looking around and chatting with the tour guides and such (but didn't take the tour, as climbing lighthouse stairs is a little out of Southern Wife's league). We then wandered up the highway a bit further, ate in a little hole-in-the-wall seafood restaraunt in Port Salerno, walked a bit on the seashore at Vero Beach, and just generally took our time - to the point that when we got to Melbourne we had to turn towards Orlando instead of continuing up the highway to Cocao Beach and Cape Caneveral. As it was it was well past dark when we arrived at our new home for the next few days - a resort motel right in the heart of Disney territory.


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