Southern Man

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend With The Kids

Well, sort of; teenage son spent most of the weekend running around with his friends but the girls pretty much stayed at Casa Southern Man. We did a fair amount of baking; nine-year-old daughter and Southern Man made Cocoa Rice Krispy Treats and teenage daughter made "puppy chow" and from-scratch snickerdoodles (much to her amazement, la cocina del Southern Man had all of the ingredients except cream of tartar, and a quick trip to the store remedied that) and Southern Man made his surprisingly popular potato soup, twice. Teenage daughter elected to skip the state fair on Saturday evening but teenage son went (with his friends) and nine-year-old went with Southern Man. She rode a bunch of rides and we walked through a building full of exhibits and ate delicious Fair Food. It was a pleasant evening. And the weekend ended all too quickly and Southern Man had to give them all back on Sunday morning. Can't wait for the next one!


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