Southern Man

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down - and if it's still raining an hour from now it'll mark the twentieth consecutive days of rain here at Casa Southern Man. The old record was fifteen, set back in 1937. That is well before Southern Man's time, by the way. All of the area lakes and rivers and creeks are as high as they've been in years. Southern Man's parents (who live in a flood plain) are flooded in, although it's reported that they got out to church this morning in one of the trucks. Southern Man's dad reports that water is still seeping in around the basement faster than the sump pumps can pull it out. Hopefully Southern Man can get out their during the upcoming holiday and help him clean up the resulting mess.

Here's a glimpse of the state of water out at The Land. That tree is on a little bluff that overlooks the lake; Southern Man will stand there and fish in water that's usually six to ten feet below him. This morning he couldn't get within a hundred feet of his favorite fishing spot.

And the little point where he was thinking of building a little gazebo some day is currently an island!

'Tis a two-day workweek for Southern Man, so he plans to spend the Fourth with his kids (and probably go to one of the fireworks shows with his folks) and then spend the rest of the week trying to catch up on a month's worth of back mowing. Southern Man's teenage son will be pleased to hear this.


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