Southern Man

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Movie Review: Bridge to Terabithia

For whatever reason, Southern Man missed out on the Newberry-medal-wining 1977 book by Katherine Paterson (being deeply into the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and similar works at the time) and the 1985 PBS movie but was intrigued by the previews and buzz and the excitement expressed by Youngest Daughter when it was mentioned as a possible movie for the evening, so it was off to the new adaptation of Bridge to Terabithia at the local megaplex for the evening entertainment.

It's quite a good film. The special effects are (for the most part) sparse and subtle. The acting is outstanding all around. The depiction of the horrors of junior high school are particularly penetrating. Other reviewers assure Southern Man that it's quite faithful to the book. Southern Man has an admittedly low dew point, but his were by no means the only moist eyes in the house. It wasn't quite too intense for Youngest Daughter, but only because some of the heavier emotional content probably was a little over her head. See this one in theatres if you can.


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