Southern Man

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Update

The big event on Valentine's Day was that The Huyndai turned 100,000.

Of course Southern Man didn't take that picture himself while driving at 60 mph. That would be crazy.

Southern Man's first car, a '64 Mercury, was old at a hundred thousand; The Hyundai is nicely broken in.

On Saturday Southern Man wandered out to the Ancestral Manor to help Southern Father erect the scaffolding...

Scaffolding is up to repair the roof on the playhouse in the middle of the pecan orchard.

...and to do laundry...

Southern Father hangs his laundry. It irks him to no end that Southern Man uses the dryer instead.

...and to pick up a fifty-year-old table saw motor that needs a rebuild so that Southern Father can get back to build birdhouses.

On Sunday Southern Man got out early to tackle a rural geocache before church. He encountered a deep gully and was pondering how to cross it when he noticed...

Well, that was unexpected.

...a concrete bridge. In the middle of nowhere.

And then after church and lunch with the gang Southern Man went to a gun show "just to look around" and almost - almost - walked out with a Glock 26 that he didn't need but probably would have bought anyway if there hadn't been a stack of medical bills at home.

But it was pretty, and it had night sights, and the price was right...

This was the first warm weekend in quite a while and Southern Man enjoyed his time outside. May there be many more!


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