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Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

And it is a busy one with Teen Daughter in town, plus the monthly geocacher's lunch and Christian dance.

On Friday Southern Man zoomed up the turnpike to fetch Teen Daughter from her mother. As always she chatted and sang all the way back. We ended up at the mall for dinner and a scary movie.

Teen Daughter knows all of these movies by heart and was quick to identify references to previous films when she wasn't cowering under Southern Man's jacket.

Saturday morning was our monthly geocacher's luncheon.

A festive gathering.

Our luncheon hostess (on the left, who caches under the name "Prairie Gypsies") and part of her gang; Southern Man cached with her after the November meeting a few months ago.

Our youngest member.

This gentleman, a retired professor of biology, caches under the name "Dr. Scissortail."

Southern Man geocaches under a game name he picked up long, long ago that would also have been the name of this blog if the URL hadn't already been taken.

He then zoomed over to the Ancestral Manor for an afternoon of fun and shopping and games and shopping and eating and more shopping with Teen Daughter and Southern Son. Then it was time to head over to the Christian Dance, where Southern Man is in charge of the Bible Trivia as well as casual photography...

Our lovely hostess and her boyfriend. Southern Man works tirelessly to keep them together.

On the dance floor...

"Hey, I ordered this coffee black!"

Queens of the Dance.

A lovely couple.

Disco Lights!

Our DJ hard at work.

Don't hate me just 'cause I Dougie better than you...

Drawing for door prizes.

And the winner is...

And Sunday was Bible Study and lunch and a birthday party for Southern Nephew (with Dr. Who videos!) and then the brief drive back up the turnpike to return Teen Daughter to her mother. As always she chatted and sang all the way there. And Then Southern Man went home to feed his throbbing leg a couple of pain pills and a stout 'rita. But it has been a great weekend. Tomorrow it's back to work...


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