Southern Man

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Party

Yes, there will be Dirty Santa.

Southern Man spent the entire evening right there on that couch with his foot up but the camera got passed around so there were plenty of pics.

A lovely couple.

Another lovely couple; Southern Man's Bible discussion group leader and his fiancée.

Whoo hoo, look at our presents! Southern Man would soon steal those dark chocolate truffles...

...but she was able to obtain this lovely plaque to replace them. Yes, it's one of Southern Man's favorite verses and will be carved into his fireplace mantlepiece someday.

What's a party without a little backyard fire?

Southern Man was pretty dazed for most of this one (praise the Lord for oxycodone and hydrocodone and all other fruits of the poppy) but is pretty sure he and everyone else had a good time. And he did get home with those chocolates. Lord, thank you for good friends and modern medicine and dark chocolate! Amen.


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