Southern Man

Monday, January 06, 2014

A Minor Setback

So Southern Man was getting along well enough without the rental crutches that he turned them in late last week. Then today he reported to the Bone Doc this morning for a checkup and to have the staples from the incision removed. Which hurt, a lot. Sadly Southern Man was unable to get a copy of the new x-rays, which are pretty cool as they show the plate and screws, five short ones in the fibula and two long ones that go all the way through the fibula and into the tibia. And then we had the following conversation:
Bone Doc: Where are your crutches?
Southern Man: I didn't think I needed them anymore so I returned them.
Bone Doc: Where's your boot?
Southern Man: You didn't put one on me.
Bone Doc: (sighs, installs boot) Go get your crutches.
So Southern Man now has a boot on his foot with strict orders to leave it on and is back on the crutches with strict orders to use them. But he also has refills on his pain meds.


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