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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gun Range

Today a bunch of the church singles met at the gun range for an afternoon of high velocity gunpowder-propelled cordite-scented fun.

Yes, these are all ours, all the way back to Southern Man's crutches.

Little Jeri brought her own.

Jeri puts a through few her pistol.

Big Jacob shoots the little five-cylinder .38.

Southern Man spent most of the day on the bolt-action Russian Peasant Rifle...

...which has but a five-round internal magazine so he spent a lot of time reloading those big 7.62x54 bullets.

Joy and the Škorpion.

On the firing line.

Happiness is a warm gun...

...with a drum magazine...

Jon does some coaching.

At the gun range? Really?

Jon shoots the SKS.

Jacob takes a turn. Southern Man also shot it and the Škorpion, meaning that he fired only commie guns all day.

Manly Men Shooting Manly Guns. Looks like the Mosin-Nagant and Jon's new H&K.

There is nothing quite as much fun as expending ammunition with your friends!


At Wednesday, January 22, 2014, Blogger heresolong said...

I have one word for you regarding reloading the Mosin.

Stripper clips.

At Thursday, January 30, 2014, Blogger Southern Man said...

Yeah, but he makes me reload the strippers so I just load by hand instead.


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