Southern Man

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Caching and BBQ

Having missed the meeting last month Southern Man made a point to attend the monthly geocacher's luncheon, this time at a local BBQ place.

A festive gathering.

"No Vehicles Off Road?" We're geocachers! Off Road is where we live!

Geocaching is kid friendly.

Drawing for door prizes.

Another shot of most of the gathering. We were as usual too many for the reserved accomodations so there was overflow in the adjoining room.

Geocaching is kid friendly, part two.

People sometimes give Southern Man a funny look when he talks about geocaching. Well, people sometimes give Southern Man a funny look, period. Geocaching takes him outdoors, off the beaten path, and challenges him to do things that he would never consider otherwise, like hop fences and wade through snake-infested poison ivy and climb trees and walk out over ravines on skinny little pipes. Not to mention meet some mighty fine folk, like those in these pics. Like apples, a geocache a day keeps the doctor away. So Southern Man is going to grab an apple and go pick up another cache or two. See you outdoors!


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