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Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

What a hectic two weeks it has been...way too busy to blog. Way to busy to take care of matters out at The Land, for that matter - the mower broke three weeks ago and Southern Man hasn't even had time to unbox the new one. But Teen Daughter was here for the weekend and she dug the camera out so thanks to here there are actually photos to post.

Southern Man met up with Southern Ex at Pops, the iconic restaurant on Old Route 66 northeast of Southern City, for the transfer.

Why, yes, there is a geocache hidden at the base of the big soda bottle sculpture. Photo from Flickr.

We then headed to a trampoline park where Teen Daughter had a great time and finally wound our way to the Ancestral Manor where she would bunk for the weekend.

The next day we ran errands...

The Hyundai gets an oil change...

...and a much-needed shower.

We watched movies out at The Trailer and she took pictures...

How did that one get in here?

She spent her accumulated allowance on a used iPod (yes, she spent twice as much as she would have on a new no-brand player, but Teenage Daughters are fussy about such things) and we spent the evening downloading music. And Southern Man was once again forced to deal with the abomination that is iTunes. Bleah. Not to mention that the battery in that used iPod lasts about ten minutes so Southern Man will be doing a battery swap one of these days.

Sadly the weekend went by all too quickly and it was time to make the two-hour drive to her mother's house, but with all that new music on the iPod to entertain us...

Southern Mother and Teen Daughter. Beautiful, aren't they?

And of course after dropping her off there was more geocaching.

Southern Man would love to have some big rocks like this out at The Land...

...not to mention a lovely stone and iron fence like this one.

The last two weeks have gone by without much of a break at all. Now things ought to slow down a bit. Four day holiday weekend coming up! Of course the grass is three feet high... Lord, thank you for all of the wonderful things in my life. Amen.


At Tuesday, August 27, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why didn't you just load up the rock and take it home? Or just go to the mountains or hills in your southern state and fetch a few boulders <;)

At Thursday, August 29, 2013, Blogger Southern Man said...

Yeah, right. The rock in that photo probably weighs a couple of tons. But I occasionally do take the pickup out and gather stone.

At Wednesday, September 04, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Southern Man said...

"Want to see a big jump in employment? Drop the minimum wage entirely for workers under, say, 21. The libs would scream bloody murder but I bet there are a bunch of young folk who would rather work for $5 an hour than earn nothing at all. I've got a lot of brush to clear and I'd love to pay some strong young men to do it. But that's illegal. So my brush remains uncleared, and the young men remain unemployed."

- How is it illegal to ask someone to do something around your home for you in exchange for some cash, off the books?

Answer: its not.

The fact that you have no one to "clear your brush" for you is not because you can't ask for it. You could place an ad on Craig's List today, right now in fact, or just ask your neighbors.

Whether or not you'll get any takers for a mere 5 bucks? That's another story. But you are well within your rights to try.

"I bet there are a bunch of young folk who would rather work for $5 an hour than earn nothing at all."

- You'd be surprised then. There may be a small percentage of young people with no other options but "5 bucks or nothing at all", but there's a whole helluva lot of options out there than that.

Even amongst those with no options, that doesn't guarantee that they'll want to stand on their feet at Mickey D's for 8 hours/day for a mere 5 dollars (which amounts to diddly squat once state taxes, SS and other things are take out of the pay check).

I mean heck, kids could make more (and tax free) just answering Craig's List ads for "clearing brush".


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