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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Photos

Saturday was a busy, busy day!

A high-school car wash at Cactus Jack's, Southern Man's favorite hang-out in high school where he and HS best friend David put many a high score on the Asteroids and Night Driver. But not Space Invaders or Defender, both of which usually got the better of us.

Car Wash Girls

A terrific drumming corps.

The area geocachers meet up once a month for lunch and general frivolity. Today's was at an area lake pavilion.

These guys put out a lot of caches in the area. We appreciate you Kand and Gilo!

Yes, we all have funny geocaching names. However, Southern Man's geocaching name is not Southern Man, for reasons too complicated to explain here. Well, they're not that complicated; Southern Man's 'caching name is a "game" name he picked up 'way back in grad school. Alas .com was already taken so the his online identity is Southern Man instead.

We love to see kids involved in caching.

A good crowd.

The kids help out with the door prize drawings.

Whoo hoo! We won prizes!

As luck would have it Southern Man won the final prize, a nice container that he'll put out as a cache Real Soon Now.

This truck was made for Kachin'! Kand Kachin', that is.

After the picnic a few of us walked over to the lake to pick up a cache "below the dam."

A treacherous descent by CoastalCacher (who lives only a few miles from The Land) and his daughter KittyCatLover.

Found it! This fellow is one half of a group called "Insane Posse."

KittyKatLover signs the log sheet.

Teen Daughter returned from a week-long mission trip late that afternoon.

Home at last!

Teen Daughter gathers her luggage.

"We have to eat! And go to Wal Mart!"

The evening ended with the monthly Christian Dance.

Good friends.

Dancin' the night away.

Paul lines up his shot.

Shirley cues up the next number.

And Sunday after Sunday School and lunch with the gang Southern Man met up with some of the cachers to pick up several caches that were, let's say, higher in altitude than the usual. We called it "ladder caching" much to the chagrin of those who actually just climbed up and got them the hard way. Fortunately the rain let up just as we got started.

Insane Posse Sr to Insane Posse Jr: "Of course it's up there. Can't you see it?"

You young 'uns can shimmy up the beam; Southern Man's taking the easy way.

Age, experience, trucks, and ladders beat youth and vigor...

...or you can just give youth and vigor ten bucks and send them up the ladder.

We (Insane Posse, IP Sidekick, and Southern Man) picked up three tough caches and took a look at a couple of others that we couldn't get. Southern Man is contemplating on how to nab both of those next weekend.

What a great weekend! Lord, thank you for family, good friends, and good times. Amen.


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