Southern Man

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Breezy Weekend

A fun weekend, but breezy and c-c-c-cold! At least for March.

Friday was actually pretty nice so there was after-work geocaching and puttering around at The Land. Saturday morning was the aforementioned cold and breezy so Southern Man came into town for errands (laundry, renew driver's license, post office, and so on) and then payed a visit to the Ancestral Manor to see the Southern Parents. Then after an afternoon of not going outside in the cold wind he came back into town for an evening Bible study at a local Panera Bread. Pics later, if anyone posts them. Then Sunday was the usual morning at the gym for a light workout and shower, Sunday School (where there was a surprise birthday cake and card signed by everyone in the class) and visiting with friends afterwards, and then off to RCJs to tinker with his laptop and do a little more geocaching.

A good weekend. Lord, you have heaped so many blessings on me. Thank you! Amen.


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