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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Southern Man Shivers In The Dark

Well, the "winter storm" was a complete bust; a light dusting of snow and lots of howling cold north wind but the next morning hardly any was to be seen. The ground wasn't even frozen and Southern Man had to contend with mud yet again as he forged his way up to The Hyundai. But, in typical Rural Southern State fashion the power went off at about 9:00 PM and hadn't come back on when Southern Man left for work. This was a fine lesson in "disaster" preparedness. Southern Man has already purchased a rechargeable lantern and replacements for the (several) dead flashlights in the flashlight inventory and will soon shop for an indoor propane heater. It was highly annoying that both the phone and the iPad were dead by 10:00. Not an emergency; in a pinch he could have gone out to The Titan and charged them up with the car chargers; but annoying. However he did have plenty of blankets on hand and made use of them all last night!


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And whoever it is that keeps asking about my "cuddle bunny" - well, would have come in handy last night but...

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