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Monday, February 25, 2013

Southern Man Gets Booted

Rain, rain, go away! Well, Southern Man shouldn't say that given that we've been in a drought and it's the best kind of rain, the slow, steady kind that soaks into the ground and fills the lakes and ponds and rivers. But it has reduced The Land to a sea of sticky red mud.

The Hyundai is safely tucked up at the top of the driveway on the gravel road but getting there and back is something of a challenge. So given the current forecast (rain, rain, and more rain) Southern Man explored The Barn (which is a mess) and found an old pair of rubber wading boots and stashed them in The Trailer, thinking that those boots would get him to The Hyundai without sacrificing his dress shoes.

So this morning Southern Man packed his gear and pulled on the first of those boots. Hmmm...they're a bit smaller than he remembered. And after a bit of struggle and about 80% success with one boot he realized that there was no way those boots were going on his feet and tried to pull it off.

Yes, tried would be the operative word here.

That boot was not going anywhere. It may as well have been glued to his leg. And the not particularly limber Southern Man tugged and twisted and pulled and pushed and struggled. It is possible that there was some cursing. And after a good twenty minutes of this finally got that boot off his foot.

Well, so much for plan A. Plan B was a backup pair of shoes and a long meandering hike to The Hyundai, mostly through the neighbor's slightly higher and thus slightly less impassable ground. And those boots are in the back of the car to be delivered to the charity where Southern Mother volunteers.

This rain is supposed to blossom into a winter storm later today. We'll see...


At Monday, February 25, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Nancy Sinatra sang...these boots are made for walkin'....

At least it is better than a fiddle. You get it I know.


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