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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Party

Today RCJ's mother (and Southern Man's Second Mom) celebrated her 80th birthday with family and friends. It turned out to be quite a houseful, including a brother that flew down all the way from Minnesota. So after a morning of geocaching and errands Southern Man headed that way.

Front: E, Mrs. RCJ, and B. Back: RCJ and Uncle C (the C in RCJ's name).

Why, yes, Southern Man had a terrible crush on B 'way back in the day, when we were junior high kids and RCJ's two older sisters were lovely high school girls with mid-60s Mustangs and (or so it seemed to us at the time) exciting and glamorous lives.

A couple of guys from church provided live music. These guys were great!

And there was plenty to eat!

Then Southern Man cruised over to the Ancestral Manor to visit the Southern Parents and clean The Hyundai.

Southern Father hard at work.

The ever beautiful Southern Mother.

Cleaning The Hyundai.

There's no better way to spend a Saturday!


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