Southern Man

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Week

Southern Man has been a busy fellow this week, thus the lack of posts. Teen Daughter The Elder continues to meet with her military contacts in preparation for shipping out to boot camp. However she is laid low with shingles (of all things!) which is quite painful. Teen Daughter The Younger headed off to Church Teen Camp on Monday so she won't be back until Friday, then she flies back to her mother on Sunday. Southern Man is busy prepping for the last week of summer school. He actually gave his last two lectures today: tomorrow and Thursday he will give exams. Next week he will be in a nearby city for a week-long conference on supercomputing and parallel computing. It's only an hour away but they're providing a hotel so Southern Man will probably stay up there most nights. And after that with both daughters gone he will start packing up as he plans to shut down the apartment and live out on The Land for a while. And that is the news from Southern Land!


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