Southern Man

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tornado: Final Tally

After a survey up and down the road this evening it looks like the tornado will take all but three of the houses on the west side of the road and every single house on the east side. There are a few on the east side with some tarps on the roofs but tonight it looks like all have been abandoned and are probably waiting for final insurance estimates and the wrecking crews.

What a tragedy. The only silver lining is that no one was hurt, and that in all likelihood everyone had insurance. But Southern Man's respect for his state's violent weather has grown considerably in the last month; on his list of future Land projects the storm shelter has moved from "eh, maybe, someday" to "top priority." And if he ever builds out there, he's thinking about concrete or block walls. On the plus side, utility poles are back up and The Barn has power once again, so the 'fridges are back on and Southern Man will haul the "land food" (which of course includes the "land beer") back out there sometime this weekend.


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