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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Software Engineering Conference Day 0

The conference doesn't actually begin until tomorrow morning - early tomorrow morning - but they provided a room for Sunday evening anyway so Southern Man made it a point to arrive as early as possible and have half a day to enjoy Daytona Beach. So he arrived at The Plaza Resort and Spa right at noon, took his bearings, checked his luggage at the desk, and went exploring. A long walking loop took him to a couple of geocaches near the western shore and then back around to the famous beach where he walked through the surf while eating ice cream. Back at the hotel he had a late lunch at the pool bar (overpriced but quite tasty) and then it was late enough to actually check in and get his room - resort quality, small kitchen with 'fridge and microwave, free wi-fi, private balcony overlooking the beach - and take a much-needed nap. Then the evening took him on a long walking loop in the other direction for more beach time (again with ice cream) and dinner at a local BBQ place where Southern Man asked for a dinner with a little of everything and they served him something called a "Belly Buster." He would work on the leftovers for the rest of the conference.

You can see my balcony from here.

This is kind of a placeholder - blogging with the iPad is possible, but just barely, and pics are stuck in the camera 'till Southern Man gets back home - so this post (and those to follow) will get pics and better formatting in a couple of days. But that I'm lounging in bed at a relatively famous resort blogging on a wireless notepad is kinda cool. Back in high school we dreamed of a future filled with flying cars and cities on the moon; what we got instead was not only unexpected but equally cool.


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