Southern Man

Friday, December 31, 2010

Return of the Hyundai

The little black Hyundai Accent is finally out of the shop and back in service. The thieves took everything that was in the cab - books, clothes, stuffed animals, clip-on visor mirror - right down to the steering wheel cover and the parking stickers. Except the Bible in the back seat. They took all of the papers that were in the Bible, but not the Good Book itself. The tag on the car when recovered was from a different stolen vehicle. They also cut the wiring harness to the stereo at the firewall, so it was quite an ordeal (not to mention expense) to have the car rewired for the replacement stereo. However, it now has an alarm with ignition cutoff so whoever is out there with a key will be a little more challenged if they try to take it again. Southern Man didn't have a lot of the minor body damage repaired, electing to use the insurance money to ensure a Merry Christmas for his children instead. So now the big grey Titan goes back to secondary vehicle - and it goes to the shop after New Year's Weekend for an alarm as well.

Southern Man is still white-hot angry about that theft. It's a good thing that the aforementioned Good Book restricts punishment to an eye for an eye; in Southern Man's opinion, boiling oil is too good for thieves. He needs to get over that. Lord, give me the grace to forgive as I have been forgiven. Amen.


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