Southern Man

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day At The Land

It was cold but calm today and as long as the wind isn't sweepin' down the plains Southern Man doesn't really care about the temperature. He and a friend got a lot of siding up on the new Workshop - not much left to go there - and grilled burgers down at the firepit. There is nothing quite like a crackling fire and hot meat on a cold day. The pond had iced over a bit and we amused ourselves by seeing how far we could skip stones. Then it was off to pick up eleven-year-old daughter from her other grampa; she will grace Casa Southern Man for the next few days. It's just her for now as her sister is up with her mother for the week. So we are watching movies and snacking and generally just relaxing. Tomorrow we have a fairly lengthy list of errands to run. It will be fun.


At Thursday, July 07, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a friend directed me to your blog (says he knows you but I wonder. says he knows charlie sheen too) Well anyway I was doing catch up reading and came across your entries on Christmas eve. Sounds like you have a fun and heart warming time with your extended family. But you didn't have an entry for this year :( Did you not have one? Where you you have a christmas tree forest to pick and chop your own tree? That is what we do on christmas eve morning. Smells good...that is my most remembered memory.



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