Southern Man

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day At The Land

Yes, there were plenty of centennial activities today (and two of the three friends he met yesterday will be there for all of it) but there is no way on God's green earth that Southern Man will be found in the same county as his alma mater on a home-game day so he spent his free Saturday at The Land and got a fair amount done. He finished all of the siding he could by himself on The Woodshed (so he'll enlist a friend to go out and help him get the rest up one day soon), sorted through the various piles of lumber and rock and such, made some progress rebuilding an old homemade picnic table that had washed up on his shores some years ago during one of the frequent floods (other past flotsam includes a dock, two complete pontoons, several ice chests, and most of a sailboat), and grilled some burgers in the firepit to end the day. Sure, to everyone else it's just ten acres of unimproved scrubland and they wonder just what the hell will ever happen out there but to Southern Man it's an island of tranquility in an ocean of chaos and he is most grateful that he was able to keep that property after the divorce. Chances are he'll find his way there tomorrow as well.


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