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Friday, September 04, 2009

Movie Review - District 9

Seeing this one was a bit of an accident; Southern Man and Wife were 'way up on the north side for appointments, needed to return later that afternoon to pick up Southern Man's Youngest, and decided to take a late-lunch-and-a-matinée instead. And since Southern Man had heard that District 9 was getting great reviews, we took a chance on that one.

District 9 takes an old premise - alien spacecraft appears over a major city on Earth - and runs it in totally unexpected directions. While there are plenty of nods to worthy predecessors in the genre, D9 resembles none of them. South African actor
Sharlto Copely is superb as a manager in an alien-resettlement operation who almost comically clutches to the security of the rules and regulations of his orderly bureaucracy even as his superiors betray him and his world (not to mention his very existence) crumbles around him. D9 is energetic, intriguing, inventive, and challenging; go see it now and pick up the DVD when it comes out.


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John, maybe you will read a blog post, I am hoping, as my last several emails to you are languishing from lack of attention. Or, did they get lost?



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