Southern Man

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Samaritan

In this modern life there is no trauma quite like losing your cell phone. Especially when it isn't just a cell phone but your phone book and appointment calendar and digital camera - none of which has been backed up within recent memory.

Southern Man lost his cell phone while at work this evening.

And after some frantic scrambling about and checking of classrooms and offices and bathrooms he went out to the parking lot thinking that he might have left it in the pickup or - worse - dropped it in the parking lot while juggling his various bags and such. It wasn't in the cab. And then on impulse he glanced into the truck bed and there it was, tucked up in a corner by the bundle of rope. Suthern Man had indeed dropped that phone in the parking lot by the truck, and some kind soul picked it up and put it in the bed.

Whoever you are, thank you very much. And Southern Man will pass that kindness on to others as best he can.


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