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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Concert Review - The Guess Who

Once again Southern Man has procured season passes for the local water park and local amusement park (both owned by the same outfit, so the passes get us in to each) and Southern Man and gf and nearly-ten-year-old daughter spent the entire day at the parks eating and reading and swimming and riding and generally having a good time. And tonight was a "free" concert at the amusement park so that's were we ended up to end the day.

The Guess Who were old when Southern Man was still in short pants but they are still touring with two of the original members (drummer Gary Peterson and bassist Jim Kale) and three relative newcomers. They did a fairly enthusiastic show for a fairly thin crowd (Styx and REO Speedwagon were also in town that night; Southern Man is continually amazed at the number of bands from his youth that are still active), playing all of their standards and a few more and clearly having a good time doing so. New lead singer Derek Sharp is a fine addition to the band. If they are in your area it is well worth the time to hear this classic Canadian act.


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