Southern Man

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Geocaching Day!

Sadly, gf wasn't feeling well today but Southern Man hung out with her anyway. We sat through one of those one-hour time-share spiels in order to cash in on the free vacation, had a lovely lunch with Southern Man's mother and his baby girl and one of gf's daughters, then headed back to her house - and then when she decided to take a nap Southern Man headed over to the lake by himself for a little more geocaching. There were five on his list (including the DNF from yesterday) and he ended up finding three of them (but the DNF from yesterday eludes him still). One was quite a challenge for a somewhat overweight fortysomething but he managed to get to it anyway. The other two finds were quite straightforward and easy to find, even though they were micros. But now Southern Man has not one but two DNFs within walking distance of gf's house and they will bother him until he finds them. Alas, the next chance to go out will probably be next weekend.

And there are at least a dozen more caches within a mile or two of her place around that lake and in the adjoining wildlife refuge. Not to mention the dozen or so around the lake near Casa Southern Man. There is much geocaching yet to be done!


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