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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Party Never Stops... the busy, busy world of Southern Man and his gf. Week off, indeed.

Wednesday kicked off with the moving of the rest of Southern Man's stuff from his former garage (mostly big pieces that were just shoved to the side earlier). The fun part was that Southern Man's son came along for the ride and got to drive (even though he's still pre-permit) out to Southern Man's land (to drop off the trailer) and back into the city. We had a good talk and I'm pleased that we're slowly but surely rebuilding our damaged relationship. On the other hand, Southern Man's new garage (and old barn, for that matter) are both now filled to overflowing. That barn needs some roof repair as well. There's a couple of projects that he's in no mood to tackle for a while yet.

That evening was gf's family Christmas with relatives in a nearby city. That was, surprisingly, a lot of fun. There must have been half a dozen kids under six there, all running about and having a great time. If our relationship goes somewhere, Southern Man's youngest is going to have lots of new little girlfriends to play with. But the highlight of this party was a round of Dirty Santa, where Southern Man scored points with gf's eldest by re-stealing a gift she had but lost and giving it back to her. He also learned how to play a new (well, new to him) dominos game, 42, which is a trick-taking game (kind of like the card game spades) and is apparently a family favorite.

Later today (Thursday) Southern Man and his gf and his mom are having lunch together, and tonight is the first team meeting at his newest employer, H&R Block. Sometime before then Southern Man has to re-learn how to tie a necktie. He took a look at the rather sad state of his credit card balance and has vowed to stop using that card entirely for a while and pour every penny he earns doing taxes this season into paying off his pre-Christmas bills. It's a lot more fun to spend it than it is to earn it, but now it's time to pay for all that fun...


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Hope lunch was good. I updated my blog. Get off my back now! :-)


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