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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another Retirement Party

A long time professor is heading to the greener pastures of Not Working and many higher-ups on campus dropped by to send him off...

Doug The Retiree with Paul, the university president...

...and with our boss Tom, the Dean of IT. Yes, there was cake!

Tom and Max, who is the Dean of Science and for whom Southern Man still teaches as a adjunct. The big difference is that instead of driving across town to teach as an adjunct Southern Man merely walks across campus. It's much better that way.

Al sure knows how to party!

This is a great group of people with whom to work. Southern Man hopes to teach here until he retires. Of course he said that about his last job as well but the "great people" left, one by one, until only Southern Man and a semi-retired Great Person remained...


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