Southern Man

Friday, May 03, 2013

Moving Out

It has been an insanely busy week. It's not just that Southern Man is moving on and must clear out his office - that office suite is scheduled for renovation so he actually has to be out in the middle of the last week of classes. So on top of his usual duties he has been busily packing and moving and lugging and hauling his fifteen-year accumulation of books and papers and various other academic junk out to The Barn. Which as of today contains everything he owns.

Like this, only piled higher and with substantially less organization.

And he has managed to reduce not only all the stuff in that office but (worse) a fifteen-year accumlation of computer files and e-books and programs and documents to the bare essentials.

Let's hope he doesn't lose it. Or leave it in his pants and wash it. Or something.

Next week is cluttered but easy - since it's his last week and as he has no office Southern Man will appear for finals and a few events but not much else. Friday will be his last day!


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