Southern Man

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Be Kind, Please Rewind

Southern Man was watching a DVD with a friend a while back and was a little amused that when the movie was over she hit the high-speed-reverse button on the remote and backed up to the menu. Southern Man thought she wanted to watch another part of the movie again, but we didn't. He though no more about it. But he started paying attention and noted that at the end of movies she would hit that reverse button before removing the disc.

One day Southern Man dropped in a DVD and noticed that the first thing that came up was a "resume" option, and the light dawned. Most DVD players will resume a movie. This one has sufficient memory that it remembers the point at which any recently-played DVD was stopped and gives you the option to pick up again where you left off. This option doesn't appear if the last thing you do is reverse back to the menu.

Southern Man hasn't the heart to tell her that it's not really necessary to rewind DVDs before putting them away.


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