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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Actually, Halloween is a non-event in Southern Man's life. He lives in a sufficiently remote area that there are no trick-or-treaters; the only clue was that some of the folks were in costume at the Hyundai dealership where Southern Man left his loaner Sonata and abut $550 in exchange for The Hyundai. Pretty steep for a broken ignition, but at least they washed it.

Southern Man doesn't regret paying a little extra to have the dealer do the work (and he did get a loaner car out of it) but The Hyundai will be paid off in about six months and it's probably time to shop around for a local mechanic and get estimates on a new timing belt and brake pads and such. Not that any of that is broken, yet - the ignition was the first malfunction in five years and 70K miles - but it will be interesting to see if an independent shop will do the timing belt for less than the $500 quoted by the dealer.


At Thursday, November 01, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since my new condo is neither visible from the street nor the alley, and since even people looking for it can't find it, I was anticipating no trick-or-treat kids.
But when I got home last night, someone had left me candy! Weird. I ate it and I'm still alive.

Girl Programmer.


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