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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Women In Science

Today was spent at the local Science Museum for the annual Women In Science conference, for both students and teachers predominantly female), so Southern Man and his partners Dr. S and Dr. A took LittleFe and a shiny new quadrocopter to show off and hopefully generate some interest in both science in general and Southern Man's university employer in particular.

Dr. S, Henry, and Dr. A demonstrate our LittleFe computer to some workshop participants.

An enthusiastic Dr. S.

Southern Man entertains guests. Photo by Miranda.

Grad student Asal (on the right) with a participant.

The Dean snapped a few pics as well.

A nice photo of our booth by one of the EPSCoR volunteers.

There were about eight hundred middle- and high-school women, and their teachers, at this all-day event. It was a lot of fun!


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