Southern Man

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Countdown to Easter: Maundy Thursday

This week we celebrate the seminal event of Christianity: the week when the son of a carpenter, having become aware that he was more than merely Man, ended three years of ministry by surrendering himself for execution only to rise on the third day as the undisputed Son of God and Savior of Man.

Yes, Southern Man takes this account for fact. He's one of them born-again evangelical Christians. Deal with it.

Having excused his classes for Maundy Thursday Southern Man spent the day at The Land in labor and contemplation. Much brick was cleaned and firewood cut and stacked in an assault on the junk-piles behind The Barn. Indeed, the entire "burn pile" was entirely processed, striking a major to-do from the list. Southern Man worked until the stars came out and didn't return to La Casa until well after dark, weary but refreshed.

And then Teen Daughter came home and we went grocery shopping and cooked a late, late dinner and ate it (with key lime pie!) and went to bed at midnight-ish. A good day. Tomorrow is Good Friday.


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