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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Road Trip

A friend at church has gotten the itch to buy some lake property so she and Southern Man headed a few hours west to check it out.

It's about thirty years old but sprawls across four lake lots, with a dry stone-lined creekbed (fed by a culvert under the road, for water runoff when it rains) and two nice firepits. That little structure in front of the porch is the well house. The asking price is about what Southern Man paid for his first house.

Inside it's pretty nice, with a large open kitchen and living room. There were a few soft spots in the floor and a little water damage here and there, but nothing too catastrophic.

What had attracted her to this particular listing was the "bunk house" which turned out to be a standard home-store prefab shed with loft, with room for six or so beds. That would really come in handy for weekend or summer outings.

The inside of the bunk house showed promise. Southern Man would have liked to stolen that bunk bed for his own use.

We spent about an hour there with the realtor poking about. There is lots and lots of rock on the property, including some really large ones that couldn't have been moved by anything smaller than a full-sized dozer; Southern Man would love to get up there with his pickup and bring several loads back. We also dropped by the development office and had a nice chat with the ladies there. They told a harrowing tale of a cartel of guys who, years ago, had tried to intimidate people into moving out so that they could by up all this area with threats and burning down homes and such.

Of course we geocached on the way up and on the way back, allowing Southern Man to tick off a couple more counties on his state to-do list. It was her first time and she found all three herself, and even said if you want to go out and do this again please call me. IOI, or not? Only time will tell. As regular readers know Southern Man is not in the least interested in dating again any time soon but that time may come again. And the rain held back until after Southern Man got home, where he made chili and banana bread and added a bunch of film-camera pics to the blog (mostly here) and relaxed for a few hours. Tomorrow is his birthday!


At Sunday, March 11, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Happy Birthday Southern Man! Are you 21 again?! (ah, those were the days my friend)


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