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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ron Paul!

As you’d expect, Senator Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate addressing real issues using clear language. Here he is on “Meet the Press” last week (hat tip to Gucci Little Piggy, from whom the imbed code was shamelessly stolen)...

And as GLP says (emphasis mine): "At the 2:40 mark, Paul opens up dialogue on the student debt debacle, pointing out that anytime the federal government sticks their grimy paws into markets, prices distort, bubbles inflate, the debt cycle speeds up and becomes more entrenched. And after all of the mess that the government makes, a clean-up squad comes in, backed by a propaganda machine that blames everything on the free market and capitalism." That is a terrific summary of the root cause of many of our current woes, right there. And if you've only heard about Ron Paul but never heard him speak, this is a fairly representative sample. As a candidate I don't think he'll get the nomination but will hopefully continue to have a lot of influence in Washington.


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