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Friday, August 26, 2011

Float Trip Day 0

This afternoon Southern Man and twenty-odd folks from church were scheduled to head out for our annual Float Trip on the Illinois River so Southern Man worked hard and left early and dashed home and got packed and headed to the designated meeting point at the church. We divided ourselves among the available vehicles and headed out, stopping about half an hour outside of town for dinner as many had come straight from work...

...and Southern Man took a few of them to a nearby geocache. Geocaching is fun! Right, girls?

We finally arrived at our cabin and unloaded the goods and staked out our bunks and then gathered rocks from a nearby streambed to build a firepit, which hadn't been done all season long due to the long-standing but just-lifted burn bans.

Darren tends the first fire. Yes it's still nearly a hundred degrees out and no there wasn't any reason to have a fire but we'd hauled a bunch of wood in from the city and we'd just build a firepit and by God we were going to have a fire. Accelerants may have been involved.

And by then the combination of a long workday followed by several hours on the road caught up with everyone and we hit the bunks for the night. Tomorrow, the river!


At Friday, September 02, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is geocaching and how did first get into it? Is there a fee?


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