Southern Man

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


After work today Southern Man hastened out to and finished the electric line to the RV and soon had the 'fridge and AC humming. Next trip out he'll check the gas appliances (cooktop, oven, heater) and make sure they're working. And at some point he needs to fill the fresh-water tank and see if he can have at least a little bit of water inside; if that works he'll rig a temporary line for sewage and check the hot-water heater and try the shower.

He also chatted with his neighbor to the south and found that the May tornado had actually lifted their roof a few inches (which required extensive repairs) and that they had a lot of water damage inside. And the other day he noticed trees snapped off at the base in the common lot northwest of The Land. So there is extensive storm damage on all four sides of The Land, yet Southern Man's buildings were nearly untouched. "Miracle" would be an understatement.


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