Southern Man

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Electrics III

After a day of fussing around and cleaning contacts and such the RV AC runs but still pops the breaker when it cycles on and off. But it runs, so that particular problem is moved down the list for a while. Speaking of AC, Southern Man also finally got the window unit installed in the Sunset Room (so named by twelve-year-old daughter, and destined to be her personal playroom at The Land) and will get to work on sheetrock and light fixtures and carpet and such to finish that room out. He has one more window unit (both purchased for the post-divorce Casa Southern Man, a two-story duplex that never did get cool upstairs) and will put that in the top of The Barn as he begins to carve out a living area in that space. So in a relatively short time he will have gone from zero to three air-conditioned spaces. And just in time for fall, too. All kinds of heat records were broken this summer and we came within a whisker of besting a streak of consecutive 100-degree days that's stood for over a century.

It's been a happily full weekend - bowling last night with the gang, men's prayer breakfast this morning, game night with friends earlier this evening. And tomorrow will be spent working and relaxing out at The Land, as is fitting for a day of rest. Life is good. Oh, wait - students arrive on Monday. Well, life is still good.


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