Southern Man

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Review - Atlas Shrugged, Part I

Before Southern Man sees a new film he always pays a visit to Rotten Tomatoes and in this case was struck by the disparity between the low critic's ratings (we're talking single-digit Ewe Boll numbers here) and the reaction of the film goers themselves (overwhelmingly positive). Southern Man understands that no working professional with a drop of liberal blood can ever, ever say anything good about Ayn Rand if he or she wishes to continue working (and that's true even here, in the reddest of red states) so that didn't bother him much. And the movie was pretty good; the much-disparaged special effects and stilted acting were fine and the film was silly in some places, spellbinding in others. Southern Man will probably see it again before the end of the theatrical run to do his part to finance Parts II and III, as watching Rand is much easier than reading her.


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